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Nordic Style Rugs

Nordic Style Rugs

Love a modern clutter-free interior that is layered with comfy textures? Nordic Design is a trend that is here to stay - and we are loving it. Embrace the clean lines of your home and add rich Moroccan style rugs to bring a feeling of warmth and texture to the interior.
What’s All The Fuss about Plush?

What’s All The Fuss about Plush?

What is a Shaggy Rug?

Does the title ‘shaggy rugs' give you nasty shivers and flashbacks to the 60s and 70s? Images of lime green and pale pink interiors with busy wallpaper and endless shag? Luckily, millennials have no recollection of that era and shaggy rugs are back with a vengeance. They are new, improved, fresh, and a perfect way to bring plus warmth and colour to your home or office. 

Shaggy rugs get their name because of their appearance rather than due to a particular material, culture or style. They are generally long pile rugs or carpets, thus look shaggy. Their materials range from natural fibres such as wools, cottons and leathers, to synthetics including polyester, polypropylene and nylon.

The Various Kinds of Shaggy Rugs

Any long pile rug can fit into the shaggy category. At the moment Australian and New Zealand sheepskins are extremely popular and are also considered to be part of the shaggy rug category. Shaggy rugs maybe hand-woven, hand-knotted or more durable machined rugs.

If you are worried about excess shedding when purchasing your rug, it’s important to know the difference between continuous versus staple fibre rugs. Continuous fibre rugs are generally more expensive as they are more difficult to make but mean that the fibres are less likely to pull out compared to staple fibre rugs where each hair is separate. Staple fibre rugs are a lot more prone to creating excess fuzz. Modern synthetic machine made rugs generally shed less.

How to Make Your Home Attractive Using Shaggy Rugs & Carpets?

Shaggy rugs are a great way to bring warmth and depth to a cold space. They are most popular in living rooms and bedrooms, as focal pieces that tie together the furnishings in a room but are also great as long runners in hallways and in dens, libraries or retreat spaces. Solid colour shag rugs bring softness to a room and often help offset chrome, metallic or wrought-iron furniture. In the bedroom, shag rugs work really well under bed frames to stop them from scratching the floor and provide warmth underfoot when you first step out of bed.

How to Deal With a Shedding Shag Rug?

Constant shedding can be one of the biggest turn-offs when it comes to high pile rugs. How do you stop it or keep your rug under control? There are a number of solutions. Firstly, rug grooming! It may sound bizarre but small rug rakes (similar to dog brushes) can be purchased online and at many rug stores, and are a great way to keep shedding under control. Secondly, rug pads, not only make your rug softer underfoot but also soften the impact when the rug gets stepped on leading to a lot less shedding. Finally, make sure you are vacuuming your rug in the correct direction (with the grain of the pile) and not using heavy brush attachments that may pull further hairs out of the rug.

What is the Best Way to Clean a Shaggy Rug?

Cleaning a shag rug may seem slightly intimidating, however it's actually quite easy and well worth the effort for that lush feeling underfoot, and warmth compared to a cold hard floor. There are four steps to take depending on how dirty your rug is; loosening dirt, vacuuming, dry shampooing and steam cleaning. Firstly to loosen the dirt take the rug outside and let it air over a railing or washing line, hit the rug with the handle of a broom or mop to let trapped dirt and dust escape. How often you vacuum your shag rug depends on whether or not it is in a highly trafficked area, if pets sleep or roll on it etc. When vacuuming set the vacuum to high-pile and carefully suction out the dirt, also when possible flip the rug over and vacuum the underside to remove additional dust.

For a very fresh rug invest in some dry shampoo and treat your rug a couple of times a year. Sprinkle it over the rug, work the granules around with the vacuum head, leave them to sit per the shampoo’s instructions, maybe up to an hour, then thoroughly vacuum them out of the rug. For rugs with serious staining, steam cleaning may be the best solution. Steam cleaning machines can be rented, and are getting cheaper and cheaper to purchase your own in stores. Use hot tap water to steam, and non-foaming detergent depending on the severity of the marks. Dry the rug by hanging it outside, or using a fan to get the air moving around it.

Finally for a small accidental spill, use a wet rag or paper towel with warm water and detergent to sponge out the stain, slowly dab and soak up the stained area repeatedly until the rug is clean. A great way to spot dry your rug is to fold up a face cloth put it over the rug and stomp on it to soak up any excess water.

Where to buy shaggy Rugs in Australia with discounts?

Whether you are looking for a solid colour shaggy rug, or lush sheepskin, Rug Australia online is an excellent place to start your search( They have a great range of high-quality pieces and excellent customer service. Don’t wait, warm up your house with a beautiful rug for the new year.

Mad for Moroccan Rugs

Mad for Moroccan Rugs

Are you thinking of purchasing a Moroccan rug for your home or workspace? Whether you love Moroccan rug’s colour, geometry or plush earthy authenticity, in this article we’ll address four key questions that maybe jumping around in your mind to help you select the perfect timeless rug addition for your space.

What is Moroccan tribal pattern?

Traditionally, Moroccan rugs were woven by women, with their patterns varying by region. Different weaving styles tell various stories and myths, from the desert, to the high mountains and cities. Moroccan patterns are generally vary between star-based geometries, honeycomb designs, variations on checkerboards and chevron patterns. More intricate patterns start to interlock and interlace geometry, in expanding and varying tessellations, also reflected in Zellige Moroccan geometric tile-work.


Berber rugs are style of rug woven by the nomadic Berber people. They are usually rich and robust patterns and designs. The patterns in Berber rugs are generally more basic compared to city-based weavers in Fez, Rabat, Tanger and Marrakesh who tend to be influenced by pattern’s coming out of other cities such as Turkey and Spain, bringing in more floral patterns, diamond shapes and ornate border work into their designs.

For those who are less pattern inclined, many Moroccan rugs are less about the pattern, and more about subtle transitions between bold colour and texture, making them a great addition to a busy or subtle existing interior design.


How can Moroccan rugs energise and amplify interiors?

The rustic and natural warmth of a Moroccan rug will instantly brighten up a cold or harsh interior and can bring a seasonal pop of colour to an all-white space. Their authenticity and handmade quality really energises and gives personality to many of today’s seemingly synthetic interiors.

There is a wide range of colours and shades available within Moroccan rug design, from monochromes to brightsand natural to highly colour saturated pieces. Meaning Moroccan rugs not only work in white and neutral rooms, but can also amplify and pull together already visually busy rooms, adding a unifying element of calm luxury.

What are some ideas for Moroccan style bedroom decor?

Moroccan rugs traditionally were not only used as rugs but also as bedding, seating, blankets and mattresses. Meaning your new piece does not always have to reside on the floor, but can be used at the end of a bed, as a wall hanging, over an ottoman or seat etc.

In addition to a rug, think about other elements of bedroom decor which can tie together your new Moroccan style, such as colorful bohemian throw pillows over a neutral or richly coloured  bedspread, exotic hanging lamps and lighting fixtures which incorporate geometric or tribal style patterns, and exuberant or textured drapery. When picking out fabrics, consider soft, thick and luxurious fabrics with rich saturated colours, rather than pastel or washed out tones. Consider appliquéd lines with border details to add to the rich luxurious look, as well as, pillowcases with geometric motifs and accent lines.

For more exotic looks start to look out for carved wooden elements to use in your room, or ornately decorated mirror frames with detailed grill patterns. These detailed patterns could also be incorporated in ornate headboards or around window and door frames. Focus on patterns, which are carved out of wood or pressed metal with geometry and lines, rather than floral or leafy motifs.

Arched windows are synonymous with Moroccan design. To bring the arches into your existing bedroom decor, layer curtains over existing rectangular windows to develop an arched profile. Hanging fabrics and rugs from the ceiling or walls is also very popular, particularly around the bed and bed frame. A Moroccan rug can be used in place of a traditional bed headboard, softening the room.

Modern Weave Andes Collection Super Soft Microfiber Morrocan Floor Rug AND04


Where is the best place to buy a quality and unique Moroccan rug online at an affordable price?

For excellent quality, service and a 10% discount check out Rug Australia ( Australia’s most affordable rugs to achieve that exotic look you’ve been dreaming of.

Modern Weave Andes Collection Super Soft Microfiber Morrocan Floor Rug AND03

There is a wide range of Moroccan rugs available online from traditional vintage pieces to contemporary knock-offs. Spend some time researching before purchasing to determine the authenticity and level of quality you are looking for. Rug Australia has a beautiful selection to investigate online (, with great photographs and prices.

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How to Choose the Right Size Rug for Your Room?

How to Choose the Right Size Rug for Your Room?

Choosing the right size rug for your space can be a daunting decision if you’re not properly equipped with the right knowledge. Rugs can say a lot about your home and have the ability to drastically change the appearance of your space. Typically, they are used to define an area, add interest to an area or show off your personality and flare. Patterns and shapes aside, proportion is everything when selecting the right rug, so follow these tips to make sure you understand how different rug sizes can influence a space.


Small Rugs: 80x150cm to 120x170cm

Medium Rugs: 160 x 230cm

Large Rugs: 200 x 300cm

Extra Large Rugs: 240 x 340cm


Using rugs in a living room is said to add warmth and help delineate space if the area is not clearly defined by walls. There are several layouts you can use to decide which size will work for your space:

All furniture legs on the rug

This technique works really well to tie a space together. It can help bring about a cohesion among un-cohesive objects in the area. This will typically work best in larger or open-plan areas as it draws the eye to one specific area in the room. Typically, to achieve this you will need a larger rug that can extend around 20cm past the furniture on all sides, but that will of course depend on the size of the space and furniture.

Front Legs on the Rug

If you decide you use this layout, your rug will have to be quite large to fit appropriately with room to spare on either side of the sofa. This technique similarly ties a room together and brings about cohesion, just in a slightly more casual and relaxed way. Having that extra flexibility means that you can vary it slightly too. Perhaps you might have the sofa fully on top of the rug while the side tables are more on the edge with their front legs.

PRO TIP: This is one of the most popular approaches when choosing layout for a rug for any living room. This is because it not only ties the various furniture pieces together well, but if the rug extends far enough into the room it will effectively create a well-proportioned layout. It’s biggest benefit is that it also works well to extend the space, meaning it’s a great layout for any room you’re looking to expand through design.

All Furniture off the Rug

This technique is less common than the previous two but more effective if you have a smaller space - such as an apartment living room. The idea is to keep all of your furniture off the rug. Understandably, this will require a much smaller rug.


Adding rugs to your bedroom brings about a more cozy and comfortable feel to your room. There are a few ways that you can set up your space to help you decide on which size rug you will need for your bedroom. 

If you have a larger bed, you’re going to need a larger rug. It’s recommended that you place your rug perpendicular to the bed and pull it under, so that you have a generous amount of space on either side of your bed and the foot of your bed.

With smaller beds, you could go for an accent rug as they are are a great fit as they allow you to mix it up and get creative. Maybe you’re looking for a pelt rug to add luxury and comfort to your space? Maybe something loud and vibrant to stand out? To achieve this effect, the rug you choose here will of course need to be proportionately smaller in size - but you can be as creative as you want with design, textures and shape.


Using rugs in a dining area is often entirely for stylistic reasons whether that be adding a touch of luxury or personality.

If you decide that you’d like to place a rug underneath your dining table, it is best to use a large rug that can comfortably fit the entire table and chairs plus 60cm or so on each side, so that guests can easily slide their chairs all the way out without issue.

In this instance, the size and shape of your rug will be determined by the size and shape of your table - if it’s large and round you want a rug that’s larger and round.


In a study room your desk typically will be the focal point of your room. Choosing the right size rug for this space is dependent on the type of furniture you have - bookshelves, desks, tables and chairs etc. If there is an open space in the center of the room, consider using a small to medium size round rug to add interest and fill the negative space. If your desk sits square in the middle, perhaps go for a larger rug that can fit your desk and chair on it comfortably with extra space at the sides.

PRO TIP: MAKING IT WORK Say you find your dream rug but it’s a little too small for the space you had in mind. A great work-around for this issue is layering. You can buy a complimentary, flat rug to place beneath the smaller rug. This is a fantastic technique that not only allows you to use your favourite rug, but when done correctly can add far more interest to your space!

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