How to Choose the Right Size Rug for Your Room?

How to Choose the Right Size Rug for Your Room?

Choosing the right size rug for your space can be a daunting decision if you’re not properly equipped with the right knowledge. Rugs can say a lot about your home and have the ability to drastically change the appearance of your space. Typically, they are used to define an area, add interest to an area or show off your personality and flare. Patterns and shapes aside, proportion is everything when selecting the right rug, so follow these tips to make sure you understand how different rug sizes can influence a space.


Small Rugs: 80x150cm to 120x170cm

Medium Rugs: 160 x 230cm

Large Rugs: 200 x 300cm

Extra Large Rugs: 240 x 340cm


Using rugs in a living room is said to add warmth and help delineate space if the area is not clearly defined by walls. There are several layouts you can use to decide which size will work for your space:

All furniture legs on the rug

This technique works really well to tie a space together. It can help bring about a cohesion among un-cohesive objects in the area. This will typically work best in larger or open-plan areas as it draws the eye to one specific area in the room. Typically, to achieve this you will need a larger rug that can extend around 20cm past the furniture on all sides, but that will of course depend on the size of the space and furniture.

Front Legs on the Rug

If you decide you use this layout, your rug will have to be quite large to fit appropriately with room to spare on either side of the sofa. This technique similarly ties a room together and brings about cohesion, just in a slightly more casual and relaxed way. Having that extra flexibility means that you can vary it slightly too. Perhaps you might have the sofa fully on top of the rug while the side tables are more on the edge with their front legs.

PRO TIP: This is one of the most popular approaches when choosing layout for a rug for any living room. This is because it not only ties the various furniture pieces together well, but if the rug extends far enough into the room it will effectively create a well-proportioned layout. It’s biggest benefit is that it also works well to extend the space, meaning it’s a great layout for any room you’re looking to expand through design.

All Furniture off the Rug

This technique is less common than the previous two but more effective if you have a smaller space - such as an apartment living room. The idea is to keep all of your furniture off the rug. Understandably, this will require a much smaller rug.


Adding rugs to your bedroom brings about a more cozy and comfortable feel to your room. There are a few ways that you can set up your space to help you decide on which size rug you will need for your bedroom. 

If you have a larger bed, you’re going to need a larger rug. It’s recommended that you place your rug perpendicular to the bed and pull it under, so that you have a generous amount of space on either side of your bed and the foot of your bed.

With smaller beds, you could go for an accent rug as they are are a great fit as they allow you to mix it up and get creative. Maybe you’re looking for a pelt rug to add luxury and comfort to your space? Maybe something loud and vibrant to stand out? To achieve this effect, the rug you choose here will of course need to be proportionately smaller in size - but you can be as creative as you want with design, textures and shape.


Using rugs in a dining area is often entirely for stylistic reasons whether that be adding a touch of luxury or personality.

If you decide that you’d like to place a rug underneath your dining table, it is best to use a large rug that can comfortably fit the entire table and chairs plus 60cm or so on each side, so that guests can easily slide their chairs all the way out without issue.

In this instance, the size and shape of your rug will be determined by the size and shape of your table - if it’s large and round you want a rug that’s larger and round.


In a study room your desk typically will be the focal point of your room. Choosing the right size rug for this space is dependent on the type of furniture you have - bookshelves, desks, tables and chairs etc. If there is an open space in the center of the room, consider using a small to medium size round rug to add interest and fill the negative space. If your desk sits square in the middle, perhaps go for a larger rug that can fit your desk and chair on it comfortably with extra space at the sides.

PRO TIP: MAKING IT WORK Say you find your dream rug but it’s a little too small for the space you had in mind. A great work-around for this issue is layering. You can buy a complimentary, flat rug to place beneath the smaller rug. This is a fantastic technique that not only allows you to use your favourite rug, but when done correctly can add far more interest to your space!

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