Large Rug Blue Grey Soft Floral Distressed Traditional Carpet Mat Hallway Runner

Product Description

Barley Collection

Design to look like a modern version of yesterday’ classics, the Barley Collection features

Intentionally distressed pattern that matches well with modern to traditional spaces. Made

of 100% polyester, it is super soft underfoot. Available in a cool, on-trend neutral color palette

Blue/Grey and Gold/Grey. Five sizes in each colors including runners. A rug pad is recommended

for extra softness.



Come in natural shades of Blue/Grey, Gold/Grey. The muted colors fit easily with a variety of interior styles .They will light up the space but not overwhelming.

2. Patterns

Combined vintage Persian rugs with modern ideas, The intentionally distressed patterns create a weathered look simultaneously implies heritage and modernity.

Specification :

Size : 50x80cm ,120x170cm,160x230cm,200x290cm.80x300cm

Colors: Blue/Grey, Gold/Grey

Country Of Origin:China


※Stain Resistant ※Easy to clean by regular vacuuming

※Lay Flat Easily ※Kids and pets friendly


More Details :

1.Surface: Made of 100% polyester, super soft underfoot. The ultra softness will keep you there for relaxing.
2.Pile: The pile is perfect for any places especially under the chair or behind the door. It allows the door to slide over it without bunching up.
3.Edges: Ninely serged ends, rugs lay flat to floor and no rolled edges.
4. Backing : 100% polyester backing is good for wood floor. A rug pad is suggested for extra softness.